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This sets of human resources management spreadsheet templates are designed for small business. Small business owner needed to have a payroll System to pay their employees and at the same time be able to analyze financial data. Also they need timesheet templates to manager and recording their employees working time..., Our human resources management spreadsheet template is a suite of integrated solution, designed to facilitate small business's human resources operations by reducing time-intensive administrative tasks and lowering costs by deploying self-service applications. We offers many different spreadsheets under the human resources spreadsheets template module..

Human Resource Management Excel Templates List

  • Employee Timesheet Spreadsheet Template This Employee Timesheet template is design for small business use. It is a monthly based timesheet comes with pay rate, over time , sick and vacation columns. We put a sheet summary information on top of the sheet, and it will be very easy for you to let you find out your employee payroll information and it will easy to customize the template for your specific payroll practices too.
  • Employee Vacation and Sick Calendar Spreadsheet Templates Employee Vacation and Sick Time Calendar is Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that have been created to help the human resource manager track the vacation and sick time accrued. The calendar provides a most convenient way to record and display the time taken and earned for a full calendar year. Data are entered in a simple days, hours format depends on what you need and the spreadsheets will calculate the total amount of time taken per month and the total quantity of vacation and sick time available to the employee.
  • Employee Absence Spreadsheet Template This Employee Absence template is design for small business company use. It is a yearly based timesheet and also will be easy to spent or cut for monthly use. It comes with dates that you can mark done your employee's absence day, and will be easy for you to make a record for payroll practices too.
  • Shift Scheduling Spreadsheet Template A spreadsheet design for small business and help them get their employee shift schedules done faster, better, and easier.
  • Human Resources Payroll Spreadsheet Templates This is a very usefull salary management spreadsheet template, it create the statutory reporting, based on employee's infomation and attendance management for salary calculation, based on Federal and state Tax policy...
  • Human resource management software This Access database software is design for human resource management proposes, we offers you wide solutions for your human resource department. Feature include employee general information, medical information, Tax information, monthly time sheet for payroll, and more...

    Excel templates, spreadsheet templates, excel spreadsheet templates